With Rhinoplasty surgery, we have to consider that not every patient is the same. There are patients of many different ethnicities who are looking to get rhinoplasty done. Most of the time patients with thicker skin have trouble finding a surgeon that is able to cater to their needs. So what should these patients go for?

Rhinoplasty on thick skin

In theory, rhinoplasty is a procedure that has no effect due to the skin. The surgery alters the nasal skeleton. Bone and cartilage is shaved and shaped to give the bridge of the nose a more appealing look. On the other hand, on the nasal tip, sutures are used to shape the cartilage. This also strengthens the cartilage to provide support to it.

Although the skin is not changed in this surgery at all, the thickness of the skin can have a major effect on the results of the rhinoplasty. Even if the shape is the exact same, the patient with the thicker skin will have less definition on the tip of the nose as compared to those having thinner skin.

How to improve rhinoplasty result on thick skin

There are several ways Dr. Kallman can improve the results of a rhinoplasty on patients with thicker skin.

Firstly Dr. Kallman ensures that the tip gets the most definition. The tip support needs to be strong enough to push the cartilage through the thick skin to get a more defined nasal tip. Oftentimes, grafts are used for this purpose which can further support the tip.
The second method to improve definition is by thinning the skin from the inside. Since the skin would be thinner the definition of the nose will get more prominent. To summarize, rhinoplasty on patients with thick skin can be different from thin skinned ones, however there is still a great chance of success in the surgeries if the correct techniques are applied by the doctor.


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