Oftentimes, when you get rhinoplasty surgery, complications may arise. Rhinoplasty surgery is not a foolproof method and in some cases, things can go wrong. This may be due to the healing not done correctly or many other factors or simply the patient may not like the final result. In those cases, the patient may come in for revision rhinoplasty.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is an extremely specialized field within plastic surgery. It mainly concerns correcting a previous rhinoplasty procedure. It is often also considered the most complicated type of surgery and requires an expert to perform it. Dr. Kallman is a skilled plastic surgeon with years of experience with revision surgeries to make sure the nose turns out perfect on each patient. He makes sure to focus on both aspects of the nose, the aesthetic and the functional. Thus, the nose looks perfectly balanced while not hindering the breathing of the patient. Dr. Kallman also has a consultation with his patient about rhinoplasty Miami to address all concerns they might feel to ease them considering their past experience with rhinoplasty.  For the best rhinoplasty Miami revision surgery, Dr. Kallman is the most suitable option.

Why get revision rhinoplasty?

There are multiple reasons why a revision surgery may be needed on a patient, other than aesthetic problems, the normal functionality of the nose could be hindered which causes disturbance to the patients.

Some common problems that can arise with a rhinoplasty include having a bump left behind on the bridge of the nose, a wider tip, lack of definition, droopy tip or the nostrils being too wide. Since each patient is different they may have a different problem with their nose. Dr. Kallman devises a customized plan for his patients after assessing them during the consultation. He makes sure to expertly solve whatever issue may occur with the nose. The procedure can be more complex or as simple as removing excess cartilage or bone or reshaping the cartilage itself.

In some cases, the entire nose needs to be restructured. This can be done by adding cartilage or grafts. If a lot of cartilage is removed in a previous surgery, it can cause the entire nose to collapse. To solve this problem, Dr. Kallman uses cartilage grafting. It is also necessary for people who have a “pinched tip”, “pig nose” or a collapsed middle bridge as a result of previous rhinoplasty surgery.

Dr. Kallman is an expert in revision rhinoplasty Miami. He also uses the bone cartilage from the body instead of using synthetic cartilage to restructure the nose. The synthetic materials have a higher chance of getting infected and being extruded out of the nose, which is why Dr. Kallman prefers the natural cartilage approach to restore the shape or any deformity caused.




Face Miami’s very own Dr. Kallman specializes in Aesthetic Surgical procedures. These include Rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, eyelid and eyebrow lift surgeries, fat transfers and more. Watch the video to learn more! 

Dr. Kallman is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He re-certified his Plastic Surgery Board Certification in April 2005 and 2015- one of the first doctors in South Florida with this recertification.
An active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and The Greater Miami Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, he’s in an elite class.
Because of this wealth of knowledge and passion for cosmetic surgery, he has lectured extensively around the world- particularly on the intricacies of primary and secondary rhinoplasty.
An avid researcher, he continues to study innovations in lip augmentation, brow lifts, state of the art blepharoplasty, fat transfer surgery, breast surgery, nasal reconstruction, and anti-aging therapeutics.

To conclude, patients from all over the world travel to Miami for rhinoplasty from Dr. Kallman is a certified plastic surgeon who specializes in revision rhinoplasty. He has a background in Facial reconstructive surgery as well as facial plastic surgery which makes him the best option if you are looking to get revision rhinoplasty.

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DR. BRANDON KALLMAN, Miami's Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Face Miami’s Dr. Brandon Kallman, MD. is Miami’s best rhinoplasty surgeon. He brings over 27 years of experience as an Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to his prestigious practice. Miami men and women trust his extensive expertise in a diverse range of facial cosmetic procedures, and he’s renowned as a rhinoplasty specialist.

When choosing a board certified surgeon, it is important to select a doctor with skill and experience. Dr. Brandon Kallman is rated 5 stars on ratemd, healthgrade, vitals, and real self, can help you create a result that fits in with your other features and looks natural. He can also help you understand the benefits and limitations of your chosen procedure, so that you can make the decision that is right for you.