Reasons why rhinoplasty has gained popularity

Rhinoplasty is one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures.

Each year more and more people are showing interest in getting the rhinoplasty procedure done. One of the main reasons for the increase in people desiring to get rhinoplasty done is the standard set by the media. The television determines how a person’s nose and facial features should look. Models, actors and social media influencers are getting their rhinoplasty done continuously. Therefore by watching those on television women, men and children are also developing a need to change their noses. They also have the desire to present their best and most confident version to the world. Dr.Kallman of facemiami is a Miami, Florida based plastic surgeon, and rhinoplasty is one of the most requested procedures by his patients. Let’s further explore some of the reasons why rhinoplasty has gained so much popularity.

Acceptance By Society

When cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty procedure first came about, people were not accepting of it. However, in recent years more people started to feel confident in getting the procedure done. This is due to social media influencers, especially millennials  like Instagram models sharing their experiences openly on social media. Hence rhinoplasty along with other plastic surgery procedures has started to gain popularity.

Confidence Booster

Everyone has some part of their body that they do not feel most confident about and have the desire to change. In most cases, people have issues with how their noses look. A large number of Dr.Kallman Miami best Rhinoplasty plastic surgeon’s patients come to face Miami wanting to know more about the rhinoplasty procedure. So they can get the nose of their dreams as well. The nose is one of the most important facial features and any changes to it can give drastic changes to a person’s look. This is also why people show more interest in rhinoplasty procedures as this small procedure can give them a whole new look. It can make them feel more attractive and confident so that they can be the best version of themselves. Dr.Kallman at facemiami is located in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida is a highly trained professional. He makes sure that all his patients leave the clinic feeling the most confident version of themselves.

Less Complicated

The rhinoplasty procedure is performed by Dr.Kallman in facemiami, Miami, Florida. It is very simple as he does not use any nasal packing which reduces discomfort. The use of general anesthesia also helps limit the pain and discomfort caused throughout the process. Dr.Kallman’s years of experience and skills make the procedure less complicated with faster recovery. Most of the patients leave facemiami satisfied and excited to see the amazing results.

Technological Advances

With the increasing technological advances, all kinds of surgeries in the plastic surgery field have become more reliable and safer. Dr.Kallman uses the latest technology and tools at facemiami to make sure that all the rhinoplasty procedures go smoothly.  Technological advances have made rhinoplasty and all cosmetic surgeries less complicated.  That is why more people are drawn towards getting these procedures done to get the perfect nose job. 

Health Benefits

One of the reasons behind the increasing demand for rhinoplasty is health benefits. Rhinoplasty has helped people make their congenital breathing issues better. This has helped patients make their life much easier by making normal day to day activities easier. Inadequate breathing can take a toll on people and create issues in doing simple daily life activities such as jogging or playing sports. Rhinoplasty has also been proven to reduce the headaches caused due to breathing issues as it helps people breathe better. Moreover, rhinoplasty has also helped chronic snorers fix their snoring. Also, rhinoplasty has helped people battling anxiety and depression. it aids people who have low self-confidence and self-esteem because of their noses.  It has helped patients improve their mental health and social interaction as they feel more confident in themselves.


In the past cosmetic surgery was mostly for the elite class due to its high cost. But, due to the increasing popularity, the cost of rhinoplasty has become more affordable. However, it all depends on the patient; some patients want the best quality of treatment and the poshest room which can be expensive. Dr.Kallman and the staff at facemiami provide one of the best plastic surgery services in Miami. Get in touch with Dr.Kallman so that he can devise a convenient package for you and discuss all the possible payment options.

Correction Of A Nose Injury

Nose injuries can end up causing breathing issues and changing how someone looks. Revision Rhinoplasty is an easy fix for all those issues that come with nose injuries. People often choose to get rhinoplasty to fix the unpleasant look an injured nose can give them.

To Gain Popularity

People who want to work in the showbiz industry also show a lot of interest in getting rhinoplasty. They might want to look a certain way and enhance their facial features to increase their chances of getting work. Also, some people just want to get rhinoplasty because it is popular and everyone is getting it done.

To look like a celebrity favourite

Some people show interest in getting rhinoplasty because they want to look like their favourite celebrity. For example, a lot of people come in wanting to get a nose like Kim Kardashian. They do this so that they can gain popularity on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Possibly becoming the next beauty influencers.

The endless benefits of rhinoplasty surgery are the reason behind the growing popularity of it. The surgery improves health, self-image, and boosts confidence. People who are interested in getting a rhinoplasty procedure done can get in contact with the incredible team of facemiami.  Dr.Kallman can schedule a consultation who is one of the best plastic surgeons in the city of Miami, Florida. Patients can discuss all their queries and concerns with Dr.Kallman, Miami’s best rhinoplasty plastic surgeon and expect to be treated like royalty by the incredible team of facemiami. They give their all in making sure that the patients are comfortable and satisfied with their service.

DR. BRANDON KALLMAN, Miami's Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Face Miami’s Dr. Brandon Kallman, MD. is Miami’s best rhinoplasty surgeon. He brings over 27 years of experience as an Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to his prestigious practice. Miami men and women trust his extensive expertise in a diverse range of facial cosmetic procedures, and he’s renowned as a rhinoplasty specialist.

When choosing a board certified surgeon, it is important to select a doctor with skill and experience. Dr. Brandon Kallman is rated 5 stars on ratemd, healthgrade, vitals, and real self, can help you create a result that fits in with your other features and looks natural. He can also help you understand the benefits and limitations of your chosen procedure, so that you can make the decision that is right for you.