When you think of rhinoplasty, you probably think of open rhinoplasty as your preferred choice. Although it does leave an external incision scar, it is still perhaps the most widely known type of rhinoplasty and has minimal risks involved with the procedure. So let us discuss what open rhinoplasty is and the advantages and disadvantages related to this type of surgery.

What is Open Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgery done to change the appearance of the nose and bring balance to the overall face through surgery. In open rhinoplasty, the incision is made externally on the nose which gives the doctor more control over the surgery and allows them greater visuals of the nose and the cartilage.

Dr. Kallman from Face Miami is well versed in rhinoplasty surgery and during the initial consultation with the patient he can decide if you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you are, he will then determine the method of rhinoplasty that is best suited for the patient’s needs.

When to Get Open Rhinoplasty

One of the main reasons why Dr. Kallman may choose to go for open rhinoplasty is if the patient has a more complex surgery that requires a lot of cartilage grafting. He may also recommend open rhinoplasty during revision surgeries and corrective surgeries as they are generally more complicated than regular rhinoplasties. He might also opt for open rhinoplasty to build up the nasal tip and support it more.

Another major reason why Dr. Kallman goes for open rhinoplasty is if the patient has a large nose that sticks out called a projection. The doctor will de-project the nose by making the nose close to the face and making it appear more natural. The open procedure in this case gives Dr. Kallman more control over the procedure and allows him to alter the shape of the nose precisely to obtain the best results.

Disadvantages of Open Rhinoplasty

While there are major advantages with an open rhinoplasty, there are some significant disadvantages that come along with the procedure as well.

Firstly, the open procedure takes longer than the closed rhinoplasty surgery. On average the open surgeries take an hour or two longer than their counterpart surgeries. Another disadvantage is when the nasal tip is peeled back, it can cause numbness of the tip. This numbness can last up to a year for the patient.

There may also be extra scarring around the external nose. This scarring is much different in the open rhinoplasty since it can be clearly visible although it does fade over time. The dissection and separation of the nasal tissue causes more scarring as the tissue thickens, which does not happen in a closed rhinoplasty Miami procedure.

The extra scar tissue can also cause further problems if revision surgery is needed to correct certain parts of the nose. Since there is already scar tissue present, it leads to more swelling and thus results in an even longer recovery time.

Advantages of Open Rhinoplasty

Perhaps the main advantage of open rhinoplasty Miami is that it gives control to the surgeon.  It allows him extra visualization of the nose and the cartilage since it is exposed. Furthermore, grafting also becomes much easier since it is much clearer to Dr. Kallman.

Recovery Time For Open Rhinoplasty

Since each patient has a different surgery, the recovery time for each will differ as well. The first step to recovery will be the nasal cast, which usually stays on the nose for 5-7 days depending on the healing process. After the cast is removed, the patient will see some bruising around the under-eye area which will change colour to yellow and eventually fade away in the following couple of days. During the healing makeup can be worn to hide any bruising or discoloration.

Under normal circumstances, the patient should be back to their normal work and routine in a week from surgery and after 2 weeks the nose should return back to normal.

After the third and fourth week, most of the swelling should have subsided. The nose then continues to heal and take its final shape during the entire first year. The entire process can take up to 18 months to be completely healed. This depends on the complexity of the surgery, any previous scar tissue that might have remained and multiple other factors as well. To see if you are the right candidate for open rhinoplasty, consult Dr. Kallman who can accurately determine whether you are a good candidate.


Face Miami’s Dr. Brandon Kallman, MD. brings over 27 years of experience as an Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to his prestigious practice. Miami men and women trust his extensive expertise in a diverse range of facial cosmetic procedures, and he’s renowned as a rhinoplasty specialist.

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Dr. Kallman is a highly trained and certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience in both open and closed rhinoplasty. He makes sure that each patient has a consultation before the surgery where they can discuss their goals and Dr. Kallman then devises a plan to reach the best result possible all while minimizing the bruising and recovery time.