The most frequently asked question by rhinoplasty patients is that “Can we ruin our rhinoplasty?”. The answer to that is “YES!”. Like every other surgical procedure, rhinoplasty patients are also required to take precautionary care and follow Dr.Kallman’s instructions because their actions can affect the rhinoplasty and in several cases. If one does not take precautionary care after the surgery they could end up with the need to have a revision rhinoplasty. Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions by rhinoplasty patients and figure out what is right and what is wrong.

Can Smiling Ruin The Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Kallman will apply a waterproof cast over the bridge of your nose. It stays in place the first week to protect you when showering, wearing glasses, or applying icepacks to your eyes and cheeks for 20-minute intervals.

In the first three days, you’ll notice swelling and bruising appear, and you may look like you have black eyes, but rest-assured this fades quickly after the first week. The ice packs will help blood vessels to constrict and reduce swelling faster.

We’ll provide pain medication, but due to atraumatic techniques and no nasal packing, Dr. Kallman’s patients don’t tend to complain of discomfort or pressure in the nose after rhinoplasty.

Can laughing ruin the rhinoplasty?

As we mentioned above that extreme facial expressions can end up ruining a rhinoplasty and give rise to the risk of a patient requiring a revision rhinoplasty that has a lower success rate if compared to the first one. Thus, it is best for the patients to not risk ruining their rhinoplasty and limit laughing for while. Moreover, in most cases, it is safe to laugh and smile naturally after the 2 weeks of getting the procedure done but it is important to keep in mind that everyone’s healing process is different and all patients should confirm it with the doctor before making the changes to their lifestyle.

Can blowing or picking the nose damage the rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty patients must know the risks of blowing or picking the nose after getting their rhinoplasty, especially around the first 2 weeks after the procedure. Blowing or picking the nose could prolong the healing process, elevate the swelling, and increase the risk of bleeding. Moreover, sneezing can also cause serious damage to the surgery site and increase the chances of the patient needing revision rhinoplasty. Dr.Kallman recommends his patients to avoid sneezing and if they sneeze it is better to keep the mouth open so that the movement and pressure within the nose can be minimized.

Should ice or cold compresses be avoided?

Most patients believe that ice compresses help relieve the surgery site without knowing the risks that come with applying cold compresses on the surgical site. Ice can affect the blood flow to the skin and prolong the healing process. Also, Ice can make the cast wet and increase the risk of it falling off which could create big problems for a patient. This is why it is better to avoid applying cold compresses directly on the nose at least till the cast is removed. Patients can apply a cold compress to the area around the face for relief and if they have any other issues or queries Dr.Kallman and his team at facemiami located in the city of Miami, Florida are more than happy to assist their patients.

Can yawning affect the rhinoplasty?

Yawning should also be avoided as extreme facial expressions may result in permanent damage to the rhinoplasty and the patient may not get their desired results. It is best to avoid extreme expressions for the first few weeks after getting the rhinoplasty done. Patients are advised to get in contact with the staff at facemiami to schedule an emergency appointment with Dr. Kallman if they see any damage, blood, or swelling due to yawning or any facial expression.

Can crying ruin the rhinoplasty?

Crying can grow swelling and inflammation around the nose and result in mucus-forming inside the nostrils. The swelling of the internal lining inside the nose caused due to crying can also damage or in severe cases burst the stitches. This is why it is advised to avoid crying for a few weeks after getting a rhinoplasty till the stitches heal to avoid any serious damage or irritation to the surgical site. Rhinoplasty patients report the feeling of anxiety and sadness after getting a nose job. Dr.Kallman and his team at facemiami are always there to support their patients through any rough times so in case any patient feels overwhelmed they should get in contact with Dr. Kallman so that he can assist you in handling the mood changes. Getting any facial plastic surgery done can be stressful and overwhelming, patients must stay strong and patient throughout the recovery process as after the hard time of recovery passes comes the good time and the result is very rewarding.

Will lying flat ruin the rhinoplasty?

Some people have habits of lying flat but rhinoplasty patients need to know about the risks that come with lying flat after getting a rhinoplasty. Firstly, lying flat can increase a patient’s risk of bleeding as when we lay flat our head is on the same level as our heart which increases the blood flow towards our face. Dr.Kallman advises his patients to prop their head up with a pillow for the first few weeks after getting the rhinoplasty procedure done. This minimizes the risk of any access to bleeding, swelling, or damage to the nose.

Can wearing makeup ruin the rhinoplasty?

Some people are tempted to wear makeup after getting the surgery done to hide their scars and bruising that they might get after getting surgery done. However, applying makeup on healing or broken skin can end up increasing swelling and inflammation on the surgical site. Also, makeup builds up around the area of surgery can cause infections that could end up causing serious complications for a rhinoplasty patient. Thus, it is best to wait till at least the first 3 weeks to apply any makeup near the surgical site. Patients are welcome to get in touch with Dr.Kallman by calling facemiami or visiting the facility located in Miami, Florida to get further information regarding the healing time frame.


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