The nose is one of the primary organs in the human body not only are its functions are important, but the shape and size of the nose also carries a huge importance in the life of every human.

Unfortunately, the media has created hype about pointy and thin noses which not everybody is blessed with. The trend of slim and pointy noses has given rise to people desiring to get nose jobs done. When searching for plastic surgeons people focus on convenience and try to find good plastic surgery places in their geographical area. Dr.Kallman is an aesthetic plastic surgeon from facemiami located in the city of Miami, Florida. Dr.Kallman and his team at facemiami make it their priority to listen to their patients so that they can give them the nose of their dreams. Thus, let’s look at some things that someone interested in getting a nose job done needs to know.

The Shape Of The Nose

The shape of the nose is what patients are paying for, this makes it very important for one to know the kind of shape and look they desire so that nobody ends up with something they don’t like. It is recommended for people interested in nose jobs to do some research on the type of nose they like so that when they go to their appointment they have a rough idea of what they want. Dr.Kallman also helps patients in finding out what type of look and shape will suit their face. The best way to find out the shape of a nose one likes is to be patient and give it some time.

The Types Of Surgery

The two types of rhinoplasty surgeries include open and closed. The closed rhinoplasty is best for minor changes and reshaping and it does not require any incisions on the outside surface of the nose. The doctor accesses the nose from the nostril and performs the reshaping process within the nostril. Open rhinoplasty consists of the doctor making an incision in the columella and lifting the skin. This procedure is good for people who want a more precise look and requires making changes in the nose structure or fixing any surgical errors.

Does It Hurt?

For people with some amount of pain tolerance, a nose job does not hurt at all, it depends on person to person but most patients just feel a little discomfort in their nose. 90% of people do not even require any pain medicine. However, some patients report slight tenderness for the first week due to sinus pressure and congestion. Dr.Kallman talks with all patients about pain management and recommends suitable medicines that can make them more comfortable throughout the healing process.

Who Can Get A Nose Job?

Almost anyone above the age of 18 can get a nose job done. However, they should be healthy and not have any serious health conditions. Getting Nose jobs done can be a little risky for people who have issues like polyps and allergic rhinitis. Polyps are abnormal tissue growths that most often look like small, flat bumps or tiny mushroom-like stalks, and allergic rhinitis also known as hay fever is a type of inflammation in the nose which occurs when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. Doctors advise not to blow the nose for at least 2 weeks after getting the nose job done as the surgical site is sensitive and can be damaged if one blows their nose vigorously.

How Much It Costs

On average, the cost of a rhinoplasty is $5,409 but it does not include other expenses. The cost of rhinoplasty can vary depending on the surgeon fee and hospital/surgical facility costs. When choosing a surgeon and hospital for a rhinoplasty procedure, one needs to keep in mind that surgeons charge according to their skills. Some people get their rhinoplasty done for a very cheap price and regret it for the rest of their life because the surgeon they got it done from is not that experienced or in severe cases the surgeon is not well educated or skilled enough to carry out the procedure effectively. Thus, the best advice is to get a nose job done by a skilled professional like Dr.Kallman of the facemiami located in the city of Miami, Florida. The staff at facemiami is highly skilled and dedicated to making each patient’s experience comfortable. People interested in getting a nose job done should keep in mind that they are making a change to a very important facial feature which means that there is no room for any compromise on the quality of the procedure. Patients concerned about the surgical cost can call facemiami at any time and get in contact with the staff or dr. Kallman who are always more than happy to guide their patients towards the best payment options suitable for them.

How Long Till You Can See Results?

Patients getting nose jobs are advised to be patient because it takes time to recover and the final results are not fully evident till 2 years after getting the procedure done. Every person is different which means that their healing process is different too; factors like having thicker skin on the nose can prolong the healing process. However, patients will start to see positive results after 2 months of getting the procedure done. Dr.Kallman and his skilled staff located in the city of Miami are always available for their patients till full results show ato make sure that everything is going well through various follow-up appointments.

After The Nose Job Is Done

After getting a nose job it takes around 1 week for the doctor to remove the bandages. After getting the cast removed it can roughly take around 6 weeks for the patient to be able to resume daily life physical activates such as running and jumping etc. However, patients are recommended to avoid any vigorous activity for a few months after getting the nose job so that the risk of any damage or injury can be minimized. Dr. Kallman advises his patients to take it easy for a few days after the surgery and rest so that their body can heal itself.


Face Miami’s Dr. Brandon Kallman, MD. brings over 27 years of experience as an Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to his prestigious practice. Miami men and women trust his extensive expertise in a diverse range of facial cosmetic procedures, and he’s renowned as a rhinoplasty specialist.