Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips

We provide our patients with plenty of advice and support to help speed up the recovery and make it as comfortable as possible.

Recovery after rhinoplasty in Miami can be a breeze. You’ll need to take some time off and relax while you heal, but we provide our patients with plenty of advice and support to help speed up the recovery and make it as comfortable as possible.

You’ll likely be excited an a little nervous when the day of your procedure comes. Miranda is our patient care coordinator, and she’ll check in with you before and after your nose job or revision rhinoplasty. Plus, Dr. Kallman provides patients with his cellphone number if needed.

You’re in excellent hands, and in the meantime, we’ve shared ten of our favourite rhinoplasty recovery tips below. Plan to follow these, and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have on closed rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty!

After Rhinoplasty, Use Frozen Peas Or An Icepack For Facial Swelling

Dr. Kallman will apply a waterproof cast over the bridge of your nose. It stays in place the first week to protect you when showering, wearing glasses, or applying icepacks to your eyes and cheeks for 20-minute intervals.

In the first three days, you’ll notice swelling and bruising appear, and you may look like you have black eyes, but rest-assured this fades quickly after the first week. The ice packs will help blood vessels to constrict and reduce swelling faster.

We’ll provide pain medication, but due to atraumatic techniques and no nasal packing, Dr. Kallman’s patients don’t tend to complain of discomfort or pressure in the nose after rhinoplasty.

Go For Light Walks

We’ll advise you to take it easy, but you won’t be bedridden after your Miami rhinoplasty. Taking short, gentle walks in the hours and days following surgery has a few benefits for you.

Walking keeps circulation flowing in your body and reduces the risk of blood clots. It also helps relieve constipation.

Aside from medical benefits, you might feel bored and restless cooped up inside. Take the opportunity to move around and get some fresh air when you can.

We recommend you stay out of direct sunlight and, of course, don’t break a sweat- this is not meant to be aerobic exercise.

By 3-4 weeks, most patients safely return to cardiovascular activity. By 4-6 weeks, the bones in your nose will be stable so you can resume weightlifting and wearing glasses.

Take It Easy For Roughly 10 Days

Many busy professionals have a hard time winding down and taking the week or two they need off work.

The care you take to heal well in these early days could help the rest of your recovery to go smoothly.

Playing sports, swimming, and strenuous exercise increases blood pressure in your face, risk of injury and infection.

This is a great time to work from home, ask for extra help with children and pets, and let the housework wait a while.

Miami Rhinoplasty Recovery Diet- Eat Well And Avoid A Few Things

A very popular question that  our Rhinoplasty patients at our Dr Kallman Miami’s best rhinoplasty plastic surgeon is, what they should eat after surgery. We tell them a well-balanced, healthy diet packed with vitamins and minerals is a good bet. There are some things you’ll want to cut back on or avoid altogether, however.

For the first week, and until you’re no longer taking pain medication, avoiding alcohol is advised.

Salt encourages fluid retention, so we also recommend you refrain from adding salt or eating high-sodium foods for two weeks after rhinoplasty.

Avoiding spicy food is also a good idea. You may love your snacks flaming hot, but spices like chillies irritate the nasal passages which not only feels uncomfortable but can cause sneezing or swelling. Be sure to read about important details before getting a nose job. 

Attend Your Scheduled Post-Operative Appointments

You’ll have a couple of appointments scheduled with us, so Dr. Kallman, Miami’s best rhinoplasty and nose job plastic surgeon can monitor your recovery from closed rhinoplasty or open rhinoplasty. On day 6, we’ll remove two small sutures and your cast, then share instructions to follow from that point on.

We’ll schedule a second to follow up appointment roughly 14 days. After that, you’re free to come see us whenever you like! Some people visit to say hello and take post-op pictures years down the road because they quickly get back to enjoying life with their new look.

Even if you’re feeling great and everything’s on track, we recommend you keep those first two appointments.

Keep Your Head Up

Dr Brandon Kallman, Miami Rhinoplasty plastic surgeon recommend you keep your head up as much as possible for the first two weeks because it helps prevent and reduce swelling in the face.

Though recovery after nose job in Miami is considered straightforward, one of the trickier aspects can be sleeping in a different position. Additionally, sleeping on your side or front is a no-no for at least six weeks. Aside from feeling uncomfortable, you could displace your nose if you put pressure on it all night.

You can prop your head and shoulders up with a stack of pillows or foam wedges. To prevent rolling over in your sleep, pillows placed alongside your body under the arms are also useful.

If sleeping on your back feels strange to you, try to get in the habit sometime before your procedure.

Avoid Overheating

You may like to sweat and bake in the sun, take long hot showers, or relax in the sauna. Even heating things up with hot foods and liquids may cause facial tissue to swell more.

We advise that you eat room-temperature foods, avoid hot soup, and stay cool for the first few weeks to reduce your nasal inflammation faster.

Avoid Sun Exposure On Your Face

Speaking of heat, there’s another reason to avoid basking in the sun while you recover. With sunny Miami weather calling, you may be tempted to stay out in the sun during recovery.

It’s always recommended that you use quality UV protection. However, while your skin is swollen and incisions are healing, tanning may cause skin discolouration, darkened scars, and increased swelling.

Avoid Nicotine

Your facial Miami rhinoplasty plastic surgeon will ask you to avoid smoking and using nicotine products before and after surgery because nicotine constricts blood flow in the skin. You need all the healthy blood circulation possible to heal fast and avoid complications. Try to avoid even second-hand smoke if you can.

Prepare To Be Patient For Results!

Miami rhinoplasty plastic surgery patients are delighted to see rapid changes and a new look within just weeks of surgery. However, the residual swelling that lingers in soft tissue – especially nasal tip – can take several months to resolve.

You’ll be much more satisfied and worry-free if you understand the timeline for final results and prepare to wait a full year before comparing rhinoplasty before and after pictures. Don’t worry; most people love how they look long before then!

DR. BRANDON KALLMAN, Miami's Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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