When you’ve finally decided it’s time to reveal your most confident, vibrant self with a facelift in Miami, you’ll be excited, a little nervous, and possibly impatient.

This procedure carries a high satisfaction rate, and many people say they wish they’d done it earlier!

You can look forward to seeing a refreshed, smoother-skinned version of yourself in the mirror once you’ve recovered, but there is vital planning and prep you can do in the meantime.


To ensure you see fantastic results and enjoy the experience, plan to reduce stress, answer questions and arrange the help you need long before the big day. We’ve outlined steps to take even before you book your procedure.

A facelift can deliver transformational benefits for men and women. Here’s how to get the most out of yours.

Prepare For Best Results With An Experienced Facelift Surgeon In Miami

Beautiful results start with surgeon selection.

With 27 years of study and practice, Dr. Kallman is a highly skilled Miami facelift surgeon. Not all plastic surgeons focus on the intricate artistry of facial cosmetic procedures. Advanced techniques and personalized approach to natural-looking facelifts come with experience.

We recommend you choose a facial surgeon who dedicates much of their time to facial cosmetic surgery. Look at their facelift before and after images to see consistent, subtle, and flattering results you like.

A specialized facelift surgeon will know how to make you look your best without appearing overdone, pulled, or operated on.

Additionally, take your time with the consultation process and bring plenty of questions to receive detailed feedback from your surgeon. Dr. Kallman is available before and after surgery to address concerns and questions, plus he provides comprehensive instructions to help people plan and recover smoothly.

How To Prepare In The Weeks And Days Before Your Facelift In Miami

1 -2 Months Before

Depending on how far ahead you book your procedure, you may have several weeks to prepare.

You can get your body in the best shape to recover by eating well and quitting smoking. Nicotine diminishes blood circulation, which negatively affects the healing process. Loading up on whole foods, protein, vitamins, mineral-rich options, and plenty of water is ideal.

Let your surgeon know if you take medications, vitamins, or supplements. Some will need to be temporarily discontinued.

To recover well after a facelift, you’ll need to take at least two weeks off work. Depending on your job, strenuous, physical elements may need to be paused for longer. If you can plan to work from home for an extended time, it could allow you more privacy and relaxation.

2 Weeks Before

Many busy professionals have a hard time winding down and taking the week or two they need off work.

The care you take to heal well in these early days could help the rest of your recovery to go smoothly.

Playing sports, swimming, and strenuous exercise increases blood pressure in your face, risk of injury and infection.

This is a great time to work from home, ask for extra help with children and pets, and let the housework wait a while.

The Night Before

You can set up your couch and bed areas with lots of pillows, or elevate the mattress, so you have optimally positioned resting places ready.

We think it’s a good idea to arrange entertainment stations with snacks, water/juice, books, magazines, firm back support, TV, and phone chargers.

The night before your facelift, we’ll advise you to wash with soap and prepare your skin with a Retin A product we provide. Using this continually throughout recovery will help speed healing, promote elasticity, and a glowing complexion.

It’s essential that you don’t eat or drink after midnight before your facelift in Miami. General anesthesia will be used to carry out the procedure safely and comfortably and must be administered on an empty stomach.

Prepare For Facelift Recovery

Most of our Miami facelift patients go home shortly after their procedure. We recommend applying ice packs over your eyes and cheeks while swelling is at its peak in the first 72 hours.

You’ll have a light, gauze dressing wrapped around your head for the first day, which isn’t uncomfortable. At your first follow-up appointment the next day, the dressing will be removed, and a “reminder dressing” applied to help you protect healing areas for a week.

Dr. Kallman uses such refined, a-traumatic techniques for his Miami facelift patients that most report little to no pain! We’ll remove your sutures on the 4th day, then see you again between days 7-10.

Facial tissue is vascular, so you can expect to see bruising last for roughly two weeks, and residual swelling persists for several weeks. However, after the 2-week mark is when most people feel they look normal enough to interact socially and can see promising results shining through already. The settled, fully healed contours will continue to become apparent over the next few months, and you can start celebrating your results!

Do You Have Questions About Planning Your Facelift in Miami?

Book a consultation with Dr. Kallman, Miami, FL. We’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss your personalized facelift options, plus walk you through a smooth recovery. We’re here to support and cheer you on every step of the way. Call or write to us and let’s get started!


Face Miami’s Dr. Brandon Kallman, MD. brings over 27 years of experience as an Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to his prestigious practice. Miami men and women trust his extensive expertise in a diverse range of facial cosmetic procedures, and he’s renowned as a rhinoplasty specialist.