In many cases, there is a non-surgical approach to rhinoplasty as well. Here injectable fillers can be used to balance out the nose, the tip, and other parts of the nose to make it more aesthetically pleasing. It is a great alternative for people who do not want to get surgery yet still want to improve the symmetry of their nose. So, what does a non-surgical nose job even mean?

What is non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Typically, non-surgical rhinoplasty includes bringing symmetry back to the nose through fillers like Botox (botulinum toxin). When these fillers are injected in precise and strategic places on the nose, it can appear more proportional. It also makes the nose frame look smaller and slimmer in certain cases. One of the major reasons why this method is preferred is because the results are instantaneous. There is virtually no recovery period and the entire process is much quicker than a rhinoplasty surgery.

To conclude, patients from all over the world travel to Miami for rhinoplasty from Dr. Kallman is a certified plastic surgeon who specializes in revision rhinoplasty. He has a background in Facial reconstructive surgery as well as facial plastic surgery which makes him the best option if you are looking to get revision rhinoplasty.

The filler used in Non-surgical nose job.

One of the most common and a relatively new type of filler used for non-surgical rhinoplasty is Radiesse. This filler consists of calcium hydroxyl crystals which are very similar to the minerals that make up our bones in the nose. It is also a great alternative for other fillers used as it lasts much longer, nearly twice as long at 2 years approximately. 

Even though fillers are a great alternative for surgery there are still some limitations to what the non-surgical method can achieve. The results are more subtle than that of surgery and they normally aren’t as permanent since the filler dissolves. Nevertheless, Dr. Kallman makes sure that the procedure is done as accurately as possible with the expertise to give his patients a well-balanced and pleasing nose shape.

Why choose a non-surgical nose job?

There are multiple ways where injectables can be used to alter the shape of the nose. Dr. Kallman decides on a plan based on the patient’s nose shape and their end goals. One way injectables can help the nose is by smoothing out any bumps that you may have. By injecting the filler above the bump, the nose can appear straight. The injectables cannot however alter the size of the bridge or create a curve in the bridge. The filler is only able to make subtle changes in the nose shape and the patient will still have to opt for rhinoplasty for more drastic changes.

Another way these injectables are helpful is for people who have a flat nose bridge. Dr. Kallman uses fillers to create a bridge for your nose. This procedure gives results more similar to rhinoplasty, the only difference being the permanent nature of the surgery.

If a patient has already gone through rhinoplasty, these fillers may be a great option instead of a revision surgery. Rather than going for a complex correction surgery, the fillers can make the nose appear symmetrical and hide any minor imperfections.

Injectables for droopy nose

A droopy nose is a very common issue that can be easily fixed with injections. The droopy nose is caused by an overactive muscle that pulls down the nasal tip, especially when smiling. Botox is injected on the undersurface of the nose between the nostril and the muscle to release it. Thus, it creates a more upturned nose than a drooping one. The filler lasts up to 6 months on the patient after which they can get fillers again if they wish to keep their nose in that shape.

To summarize, a non-surgical nose job is altering the shape of the nose without undergoing any surgery. It is done through injectables such as Botox and Radiesse. The non-surgical route can be taken for many types of nose alterations however it only provides a temporary fix. Dr. Kallman is a highly trained expert in these injectables and makes sure that his patients get the best result.


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