Are you considering fat injections in Miami, also known as a fat transfer? How can you tell if this is the minimally invasive, naturally volumizing procedure for you?

We all have fat, in varying degrees and places on our bodies. Because of this natural “resource,” fat transfer is possible. This is an autologous procedure. That means it uses fat stem cells you already have and relocates them in two steps.

In recent years, fat injections have been used to enhance facial features, breasts and more. It’s an excellent, lasting way to treat hollows and even scars.

You might be considering this permanent option if you use temporary dermal fillers. Or, you might be seeking a more natural way to improve your cleavage, without breast implants.

One of the first questions to answer will be whether you’re a candidate for fat grafting. The best way to find out is in-person, with a Plastic Surgeon consultation.

Fat Injection In Miami

Dr. Kallman has over 27 years of experience performing cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments in Miami. Fat injection is more than a medical procedure- it’s an art form requiring careful patient selection and skillful technique.


You’re invited to contact our clinic for your consultation with Dr. Kallman. In the meantime, here are a few guidelines to help you understand fat transfer surgery and determine whether it’s the right treatment for you! 

Good Candidates For Fat Injections In Miami Can Say Yes To The Following:

  • They have excess fat that available for harvest on one or more body areas
  • They want to have additional volume in another body area

At Face Miami, fat injections may be performed for various reasons, so a diverse patient population qualifies. The amount of fat you need harvested and transferred will depend on your goals.

Dr. Kallman uses this minimally invasive method to improve facial areas that appear hollowed or deeply creased.

It can be beneficial for hands, face, breasts, and scar revisions.


Consider Pros and Cons:

  • Autologous fat (from your body) replaces volume you’ve lost, with real, natural tissue. It does the job of fillers, but fat injections provide lasting, living tissue that’s all your own.
  • The chance of allergic reactions is greatly reduced using your tissue
  • Fat transfer results are longer lasting than fillers or implants
  • Fat injections leave no trace, and the liposuction required for harvesting leaves only a few tiny scars that hide well
  • Recovery from fat grafting in Miami is generally fast

Consider The Drawbacks:

  • This procedure is more time consuming to perform than dermal fillers and is considered surgery
  • Fat injections are more labour-intensive and cost more than fillers
  • For breast augmentation with fat grafting, you may require multiple sessions
  • Subtle size increases are possible, but not the same volume implants can achieve

Are You A Good Candidate For A Transfer?

Who is a fat grafting candidate? If you are in good health and have realistic expectations, you could be an ideal fat injection patient.

Step number one is determining that you have enough fat to harvest. Unfortunately, we do see patients who desire a fat transfer, yet don’t have sufficient body fat to provide the necessary liposuction. Sometimes hyaluronic acid fillers or implants can help them achieve their desired contours.

Candidates for facial fat transfers are often those who’ve been treated with HA fillers for some time and would like a lasting result rather than repeat injections.

Aging and hormonal changes sometimes lead to loss of facial fat, loss of hydration, or skin elasticity. Miami fat injection patients combating signs of age could target the cheeks, under eyes (tear troughs), back of the hands, temples, nasolabial folds (smile lines) or jawline.

The purpose of fat grafting is to fill in volume-deficient areas. People who lose significant weight or reduce body fat to low levels for bodybuilding may desire to graft fat in a few key areas. This includes breasts, cheeks, and lips.

There are no specific age requirements, but patients should be healthy, with no underlying conditions that could impair healing.


Smoking or nicotine products are not advised because nicotine decreases blood circulation in the skin and underlying tissue. You may need to temporarily discontinue any supplements that increase bleeding and bruising risks. Be sure to share any medical/medication concerns you have with your surgeon, and they’ll tailor a plan with your safety and needs as a priority. 


What Are Your Miami Fat Injection Options?

Fat grafting can treat depressed scars, help restore features after cancer surgery, rejuvenate the hands and face, and volumize hips and breasts.

Some of our most popular treatment options at Face Miami include:

Facial fat injections:

If you have deep facial creases like laugh lines (nasolabial
folds) flattened cheeks or hollowed temples,  fat can be taken from your thighs, inner knees or tummy then injected to your face. Indented acne scars can also be filled in.

Your personalized plan will be suited to your unique
features and your desired outcome.

Breast augmentation:

Regarding breast augmentation, not everyone is a candidate
for breast fat grafting. If you want a substantial size increase, if your
breasts are drooping, or the shape needs significant improvement, then implants or a breast lift (mastopexy) could be a better choice.

Breast fat transfer can improve cleavage, help soften and camouflage implants, or add a subtle size increase.

How Is Fat Grafting In Miami Performed?

Regarding breast augmentation, not everyone is a candidate for breast fat grafting. If you want a substantial size increase, if your breasts are drooping, or the shape needs significant improvement, then implants or a breast lift (mastopexy) could be a better choice.

Breast fat transfer can improve cleavage, help soften and camouflage implants, or add a subtle size increase.


What Is Recovery Like After Fat Injections?

You may experience minor bruising and sensitivity for a few
days in the harvest and injection areas, but the recovery isn’t considered
painful by most people.

Swelling is normal, especially in sensitive areas like the
face. You’ll be provided with medication to ease discomfort, and you may be
required to wear a soft, stretchy compression garment over the injection site
for a week or two.

Fat stem cells establish their new blood supply and live
where they’ve been injected.  

Up to 30% of the fat injected could disappear, but the
majority is expected to remain, and you’ll see your final results after a few

Your original fat may decrease over time with age and weight loss, so long term results can be unpredictable. However, we advise patients to maintain a steady weight, and they typically enjoy very long-lasting results.

Book your consultation for Fat injections in miami

During your consultation with Dr. Kallman, you’ll be able to discuss your concerns and your ideal outcome. He’ll examine you and talk about the potential options before customizing a plan just for you.

We welcome you to call or write and set up your consultation today. Fat injection in Miami is a leading choice for men and women seeking improved confidence through facial and body rejuvenation. Learn about the benefits and decide if this is the minimally invasive cosmetic solution you’ve been dreaming of.


Face Miami’s Dr. Brandon Kallman, MD. brings over 27 years of experience as an Aesthetic, Cosmetic, and Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon to his prestigious practice. Miami men and women trust his extensive expertise in a diverse range of facial cosmetic procedures, and he’s renowned as a rhinoplasty specialist.