Who is a good candidate for Blepharoplasty?

This eyelid surgery is designed to remove excess sagging eyelid skin and sometimes fat pads that contribute to upper and lower eye bags. People with extra skin on the upper or lower eyelids may choose this procedure to open up and smooth the eye area. Women often notice difficulty applying upper eyelid makeup once their skin loses elasticity. On the other hand, male patients often wait until sagging eyelid skin impairs their vision somewhat.

If you notice you are lifting your eyebrows and creating horizontal brow creases to see better, you may be a candidate for an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. A careful consultation assessment will help determine whether you would benefit from a brow lift instead.

How is a Blepharoplasty Performed?

This procedure is often performed under MAC IV sedation. This makes the patient sleepy and using local injectable anesthetic numbs the treatment area entirely without using a general anesthetic. 

The patient will have their treatment areas marked while sitting before the procedure to ensure a natural result with precise alterations. The process will typically take 45 minutes for just the upper or lower lids. Incisions are created along the natural upper eyelid fold, or just under the lower lashline and will be well hidden and faint once healed. 

Eyelid surgery doesn’t always involve fat removal, but it can when there are protruding fat pads. Depending on patient needs, a browpexy can be done through upper eyelid incision access to elevate brows at the same time. 

What can you expect from Blepharoplasty Recovery?

Patients return home after their procedure and are advised to apply soft gel ice packs regularly for 2 days. The eye area is sensitive and prone to swelling, so while the process is not considered painful, bruising and puffy eyes will resolve faster when following our icing protocol.

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First Class Facilities For Blepharoplasty

Patients are advised to rest with their eyes closed and covered with the cooling gel packs provided. They’ll be instructed to wash the area carefully and apply topical medication. Avoiding certain skin creams or makeup is essential until cleared. 

On day 3 or 4, patients return to the clinic for suture removal. This part of the process is well-tolerated, quick and virtually painless.

As with all facial surgeries, patients are advised to keep their head elevated to reduce swelling and discomfort. No heavy lifting or bending over will be permitted until cleared to do so. 

By day 6 or 7, most patents look entirely normal, and scars will eventually be virtually invisible.

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